Set Safety & Culture Training Resources

At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semesters the Colorado Film School (CFS) holds a mandatory set safety and set culture training for incoming students. This is a chance for new students to learn everything they will need to know about set etiquette, set expectations, set safety, inclusivity, discrimination and harassment policies, on-location shoot procedures, and more. This training is mandatory to complete before students will be permitted to shoot.

Completion of this training is required. If you are unable to complete this training, you will need to withdraw for the semester and reapply for the following semester.

Due to the nature of the networking and training opportunities we are providing for the students, we request that only registered students attend this event; no guests. We hope this will be a fun and informative start to your film career.

Visit HERE for dates.

Below are some of the resources presented at Set Safety & Culture Training for reference:

Proposed CFS Filming Guidelines for Spring 2021 (Updated Oct. 30, 2020)

CFS 2021 Title IX Training

New link for Report a Concern or Incident (formerly known as CARE Report)

Report a Concern or Incident

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