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Check out Discord!

Join the CFS Discord server to chat with friends, instructors, and other folks from CFS. There are many channels to explore, including one where you can ask Brian Steward, the director of the Colorado Film School, questions, or just chat with him. There is also a channel for Fade In, the school’s screenwriting club (although it is open to all students!) Check it out using the links below. The first two are invites to the Discord server, and Fade In, respectively. The last will link you to Brian Steward’s channel.

Join Fade In

Join the CFS Discord Server

Talk to Brian

New FS Greenlight Tools!

CCA recently removed the Look Up Classes function of the Student Dashboard on MyCCA in favor of Navigate for looking up and register for classes. Prerequisites are not so easy to find in Navigate so we’ve added a links leading directly FVM Prerequisites as well our FVM Recommended Progression catalog (year 2021-2022, effective Summer 2021) to the Quick Links section of FS Greenlight, located at the bottom left of the landing page.

Production Update Sent February 22, 2021

Hi CFS Nation,If you’re in a production class, by now your instructors have probably talked to you about the possibility of returning to group filming. I’m happy to say that beginning this weekend, instructors will begin to allow small groups to work together under the attached COVID-19 safety guidelines. I didn’t take this decision lightly, and tried to base it on consultations with local health officials and former CDC public health experts. The key factors in this decision:

Should these metrics change, we will adjust our plans accordingly.

I would also like to stress that no student will be required to participate in group work this semester. If you are not comfortable, please let your instructor know and they will provide alternative assignments.

Every student participating in group work MUST use PPE and follow the guidelines. Students who do not follow the guidelines and expose themselves and others to dangerous conditions will be immediately restricted from filming. CFS has purchased PPE and will distribute from the Cage at the time of your equipment order.

All students will be required to complete production reports for each day of filming. Check with instructors for details, but production reports should contain and list of all cast and crew. This will be crucial information should exposure to the virus occur and contact tracing become necessary.

This is an exciting step to begin our transition to normalcy over the next few months. Please be diligent about your safety and mindful of keeping others safe. If we, as a school, can be successful in this first attempt at collaboration during COVID-19, we will continue to expand face to face opportunities as conditions allow.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

All the best,

Brian StewardDirector

Filming Guidelines

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