How To: Reserve A Room


All spaces in the Lowry, Centretech, CCA and CCCS campuses that you wish to occupy for filming, production meetings, or anything that has to do with a project or organized activity must be reserved.  This includes interior and exterior locations.

Reserving a room is easy but does require several steps. Students should make sure they are following this protocol to ensure efficient and accurate reservations. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in NO room reservation.

Students can reserve almost any space at the CFS campus for their production needs. Take note that many rooms require certification and usage agreements.

Before completing the Reservation Steps, make sure you have reviewed the room guide for whichever space you wish to reserve. To save yourself some time and trouble, once you have reviewed the room standards, go ahead and click on the Certification & Usage Agreement link for that room (these links are located within each room guide or below for quick access). Students must score 100% on the Room Certification/Usage Agreement.

DOORS MUST NEVER BE PROPPED.  IF YOU ARE CAUGHT PROPPING A DOOR WITHOUT EXPLICIT PERMISSION YOU COULD BE FINED A MINIMUM OF $100 PLUS ANY DAMAGES OR THEFT THAT OCCURS RELATED TO DOORS BEING PROPPED.  You are responsible for any individuals that you bring into our spaces.  You must let your entire team know that doors must not be propped and that you will be held responsible for any transgressions that occur related to a CFS project or activity.  We have security cameras all over the building and will hold related individuals responsible for any issues that arise from unauthorized use of our building.  Talk to Jim if you have any questions about how this might apply to your situation.

Reservation Steps:

**Reservations should be requested no later than two business days prior dates required.

  1. If not already done, complete the appropriate Room Certification / Usage Agreement Form.
  2. From your internet browser, navigate to FS Greenlight.
  3. On FS Greenlight, locate the Room Reservation Link.
  4. Next, pull up the CFS Room Calendar. Verify that the room you wish to reserve is available for the dates/times you require. *Classes will always have priority.
  5. If the dates and times work out, click the Make a Room Reservation link and fill out the form. Make sure you are filling this form out completely and accurately. Make sure to note any special requests and/or facility needs.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email when your reservation has been approved. Allow up to 72 hours for confirmation.

If any part of your reservation exists outside of the posted building hours, an authorized After Hours Sponsor (normally a Lab Tech) WHO IS NOT INVOLVED in your reservation activity (production, rehearsal, script read, etc) is required to be present during the closed building hours to monitor the doors and contact Lowry Security for entry/closing procedures as appropriate.  Jim will need to directly verify the commitment of the after hours sponsor so in order to save a step you can have them email with the date and time of the after hours request and the project that they are sponsoring.  Work-study students are not allowed to claim hours for this responsibility so you may need to work out appropriate compensation.

Failure to show for your reservation will result in a fine. The students access to reserving rooms at CFS may also be suspended.

Room Certification & Usage Agreement Links

High Bay – Certification & Usage Agreement

Studio / Green Screen – Certification & Usage Agreement

Edit Bay – Certification & Usage Agreement

Sound Suite – Certification & Usage Agreement

Requesting Non-CFS Locations on the Lowry and Centretech Campuses:

IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE SPACE THAT YOU WANT TO RESERVE IN THE ROOM RESERVATION BOOKING FORM LINKED TO FROM FSGL, YOU WILL NEED TO GENERATE A LOCATION REQUEST WITH JIM THARP.  Jim is your point person for location inquiries on the Lowry and Centretech campuses.  DO NOT DIRECTLY APPROACH CCA or CCCS staff with room requests before consulting with Jim.  His email contact is:

**Lowry/Centretech Location requests should be initiated at least 2-3 weeks before production

The elements of the location request need to be assembled into a consolidated PDF including:

  1. Designated point person with mobile contact information who will be on location for the duration of the request. If not you (the requestor), the Project’s AD would be the appropriate individual.
  2. Text with proposed Shoot Date, Times, Cast/Crew (list of key individuals and total estimated number of people), and description of planned activities
  3. Map of Campus space with X(s) or easily interpreted marks of the exact filming locations and areas the crew will occupy
  4. Images of the locations including door reports on classrooms so that we can contact instructors and the names of people who control the spaces you want to use. Please caption the images with descriptions so we know what each is.
  5. Script pages of what you plan to film

Once I have this I will forward your request to security.  I will notify you if your application is denied or approved and include any additional conditions that must be upheld.  This process takes time and can require additional revision of application drafts so please give an appropriate amount of detail in a timely manner.

Jim is happy to send you an example template request that is most relevant to the space you are requesting if you initiate communication about your production.

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