How To: Certifications


There are two main types of certification to be aware of: Camera Certifications & Room Certifications.

Camera Certification

The Cage is always here to help expand your knowledge around our gear. Training on different camera systems is a great way to build a strong foundation as a DP or Camera Operator.

The Cage offers many different camera systems. As you begin your camera training journey, you will start with simpler, less sophisticated systems (i.e. BlackMagic Cinema) and progress to the top of our line up (Sony F55 / RED Scarlet). Training isn’t a race! This is time for you to gain confidence on the various systems so that you feel prepared and ready for action in the field.

Before a camera training will be scheduled, the student must complete a basic camera knowledge Pre-Certification. The Pre-Cert can be found here: Camera Training Pre Certification

Students can attempt the quiz as many times as is necessary; a score of 100% is required before training will be scheduled.

After the Pre-Certification is complete, stop by the Cage and schedule a camera training with one of our designated camera trainers.

Room Certification

Room Certifications are simple and will vary depending on the room.

All high value rooms require a walkthrough/in-person-training with Jordan, Aaron or Jim depending on the room.  You will receive a certification in FS Greenlight after the requirements have been met so be sure to ask one of us about the current policy and to make sure you have received the official certification after your training and usage agreement are complete.

First, locate the correct Room Guide and review the policies & expectations for that room. Next, located on each room guide page is a link to that rooms unique, online certification. Click on the appropriate link and complete the quiz.

Each Room Certification also includes a Student Usage Agreement Form. To complete, simply read each statement and check ‘I Accept’. Pay attention to each bullet point, this form serves as your acknowledgment of the polices and procedures that are expected of you by CFS. You will be held accountable to all points outlined.

Students who fail to complete the correct certifications, risk losing their reservation along with future room reservation privileges.

High Bay Studio Building 905 – Certification & Usage Agreement

Studio 121 / Green Screen – Certification & Usage Agreement

Edit Bay’s – Certification & Usage Agreement

Sound Suite – Certification & Usage Agreement



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