Film School Policy and Procedure



  • CFS Main Office   |   (303) 340-7321
  • Equipment CAGE   |   (303) 340-7325
  • Lowry Security   |   (303) 419-5557
  • CFS Fax   |   (303) 340-7326
  • IT Support   |   (303) 360-4900
  • Academic Advising   |   (303) 360-4929
  • CCA Counseling Services   |   (303) 360-4949
  • Crisis Hotline   |  (844) 493-TALK (8255), 911 or go to the nearest emergency room
  • Brian Steward   |   (303) 340-7206      CFS Director
  • Jim Tharp   |   (303) 340-7322      Assistant Director
  • Jennifer D. Scott   |   (303) 340-7333      Student Success Coordinator
  • Jordan Meyersieck   |   (303) 340-7331      Technology, Systems & Space Integration Specialist
  • Aaron Koehler   |   (303) 340-7337      CFS Equipment Room Manager
  • Haley Heer   |   (303) 340-7334    Academic Program Support Specialist
  • Katie Black  |  (303) 360-4912     Creative Industries Pathway Advisor
  • Angela Tancik  |   (303) 340-5219      Creative Industries Pathways Advisor
  • Reem Hamodi |   (720) 449-6686       Office of Disability and Equity
  • Christina Villalobos  |   (303) 340-7248      Financial Aid Advisor (Work Study Coordinator)


Review the Community College of Aurora Student Code of Conduct.

All Equipment related questions should ultimately be directed to Aaron Koehler in the Equipment Cage. Initiate your inquiries with Lab Tech Shift Managers as they will be able to solve many problems.

All Computer / Facilities / IT related questions should be directed to Jordan Meyersieck.  Jordan will not be able to assist with student equipment needs. If you are not sure who to ask, talk to a Lab Tech and they can point you in the right direction.

The copy machine located in Room 104 (by the front desk) is for Film/Video coursework only.

The only phone in the school for student use is the courtesy phone on the back reception desk. Please limit your calls to 3 minutes.

The Bike Rack is located behind the building by the loading dock. Students must only use this rack for securing a bicycle. Bikes may NOT be locked anywhere on the front of the building, or to any signs/poles around campus.  Bikes should not be stored in the building. Bikes not secured to the appropriate rack will be removed by Lowry Security.


Students wishing to meet with Jim Tharp, Aaron Koehler and/or Jordan Meyersieck should Email to schedule an appointment. Their time is VERY limited, scheduling an appointment in advance will help ensure that you get timely assistance.
Jim can be reached at: or by phone @ 303-340-7322.
Aaron can be reached at: or by phone @ 303-340-7337.
Jordan can be reached at: or by phone @ 303-340-7331.

CCA grounds and properties, including the CFS building, are TOBACCO-FREE. Smoking will be permitted in college parking lots, but it must be a minimum of 25ft. from all entrances/doorways and common walkways. ALL OTHER AREAS of the building are NON-SMOKING areas including the FRONT ENTRANCE.  This includes E-Cigarettes. Be sure to dispose of cigarette butts in the correct receptacle. The fine for smoking in a non-designated area is $100.  The fine for littering is $50.

Propping doors is a major problem and violates school policy.  This action poses risk to the building and CFS Community.  Doors can be temporarily held open to accommodate equipment and crew moves but doors must never be left in a propped state without direct prior approval and active over-site of the open door.  The fine for door propping will be determined on a case by case basis but you are looking at a fine of at least $50-100 per incident.  Sandbags must never be used as temporary door props as they become damaged very quickly through this use.  The fine for using a sandbag to temporarily prop a door is $50.

Students are required to supply their own expendables. EXPENDABLES INCLUDE: Batteries (AA, AAA, 9V…), Gaff Tape, Lens Tissue, Lens Fluid, SD Cards and Gels.  Many of these items can be purchased from the vending machine located next to the cage.  Some require the assistance of Aaron Koehler or Jim Tharp.  A list of available items and prices are posted on the vending machine.  Additional expendables and production tools are available at Barbizon Light of the Rockies, 8269 E 23rd Ave, Ste 111, just a five minute drive from campus.  Ask for the student discount and let them know you are from CFS.


Student parking is allowed in the CFS lot and on adjacent campus streets that are not marked red or with other “don’t park here” signage.

You should go to CCA Campus Security to get a parking sticker for your car. If your car is in the lot after hours (i.e. overnight) it might get towed.

The CFS parking lot gets very full and people tend to drive too fast. Don’t drive fast in the parking lot. Drive slowly. Look around. Keep your radio down in the lot. Avoid hitting other cars and people. Be nice.


Angela Tancik and Katie Black on Lowry Campus are the Creative Industries CCA Pathways Advisors, available for advising Colorado Film School students. They are available by appointment (use Navigate in the MyCCA Student Portal or call (303) 360-4929 to schedule an appointment) or posted walk-in hours. See your advisor for advising, course planning and scheduling, registration, wait list assistance, discuss prerequisites, course mapping, degree auditing, graduation application, course substitution requests, transfer to a four-year institution after graduation.

For support resources or department approval for course registration see Jennifer Scott, CFS Student Success Coordinator located in the CFS Main Building room 112B.

CCA Lowry Student Services offers assistance for registration, testing, and resources for tutoring. CCA Lowry Student Services are located at: West Quad – 710 Alton Way on the Lowry Campus (303) 340-7093

CCA Financial Aid and Cashier’s Office are located on CentreTech Campus at: Administration Building, 16000 E CentreTech Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80011. Financial Aid (303) 360-4709; Cashier’s Office (303) 340-7552 or (303) 360-4759


You are REQUIRED to provide a copy of the footage you shoot to each cast and crew member by the end of the project. This is particularly important to ACTORS, as they generally donate their services in exchange for something they can use on their reel.  If complaints related to this policy are unresolved your FS Greenlight and Student Accounts will be locked and you will not be able to register for classes or request transcripts.


Advances in technology have made Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) easy to operate and readily available to the masses.  These tools can add tremendous production value to your projects but there are significant rules and regulations that you need to be aware of in order to navigate their responsible use and to avoid significant exposure to liability and legal issues. 

You are not permitted to use drones on CCA or CCCS property without explicit permission.  Campus security requires notification for any approved drone use.  There may be situations where you can use a drone for your productions without an FAA Part 107 Certification (drone license), but there are many factors to consider in their use that you are probably unaware of if you have not gone through the certification process.  

If you are considering the use of a drone for any aspect of your production, including in off campus areas, you must consult with CFS Assistant Director, Jim Tharp, in order to determine the elements that factor into the use of this tool.  Jim’s email is and that is a good way to make initial contact to discuss your situation. 


Studio & Room Usage Information

  1. Studio and Room request forms can be found on FS Greenlight at the bottom of the page under the Services section. A Studio or Room request MUST BE made at least two business days in advance or NO reservation will be made. All requests will require an agreement to be signed digitally with your request.
  2. All common areas at CFS are designed to act as film sets.  This includes the Lobby, the Bungalow & the Library.  These common areas and most other rooms are available to students for shoots, casting, rehearsals, and production meetings. You must make room reservations in advance. If you do not show for your Studio/Room reservation, you may lose future reservation privileges. You must have the reserved room cleaned up and ready for the next class/shoot by the agreed return time.  Failure to comply will result in a fine of $25/hour of cleanup required plus damages incurred with a minimum fine of $25 for any infraction.
  3. You are NOT allowed to move any furniture or items from CFS spaces without prior approval from Jim Tharp or Jordan Meyersieck.  This includes all items from the lobby, library, café and all rooms in the Lowry and Centretech campuses.  Failure to comply will result in a $50 fine plus any damage resulting from moving items.
  4. It is highly encouraged that you record and save before/after photos of any space you reserve in case there are any discrepancies or issues.  You must document and immediately notify Aaron, Jim, Jordan and Brian through email if the space you have reserved is damaged or unclean prior to your reservation.
  5. Rooms can be reserved without an authorized staff or labtech sponsor during posted Building Hours.  If any portion of a reservation occurs outside of Building Hours, the requestor must provide the CCCS email of the qualified Labtech or Staff sponsor that will be responsible for opening and closing the building and enforcing proper security and cleanup protocol.  Before approval- the administrator will email the designated sponsor asking for an email reply confirming that they are aware of the reservation request and will be responsible for oversight.  Labtechs cannot claim compensation for workstudy hours outside of building hours or designated shifts without prior approval from their supervisor.  Reservers will need to agree to terms of compensation between the production and the designated sponsor.
  6. The Studio, High Bay, Edit Bays, and Audio Suite are High Value Spaces that require training and certification in order to secure a reservation both during and outside of building hours.  Talk to a labtech, or contact Aaron in order to initiate this process.  More details can be found in the “How To: Reserve a Room” section of this resource guide.  Students must complete the Usage Agreement for each of these High Value Spaces prior to reservation. Usage Agreements can be found on their respective room pages within this Resource Guide. (i.e. The Studio usage agreement is located on the Studio Resource Page).
  7. Be sure to study the rules, policy, and resources available for the Studio, High Bay, Edit Bays and Audio suite before your scheduled High Value Space certification.  Details for each space can be linked to from the “How To: Reserve a Room” section of this guide.
  8. Permission must be obtained through Brian Steward to use candles / smoke / or haze machines in the Studio and Building 965.  Candles, smoke and haze are never permitted in the High Bay.
  9. Classes have priority in ALL STUDIOS & CLASSROOMS. If you want to shoot in the studio during a class, you will not be allowed to unless cleared with the instructor and Brian Steward.
  10. Students are NOT allowed in the school when there is no Lab-Tech on duty.
  11. Do NOT leave tape on the studio floor or green-screen. If you do use tape, use PAPER TAPE ONLY. No Gaff / Duct / Etc.
  12. Do NOT attempt to re-cable, modify, reconfigure or rearrange CFS in-room equipment (A/V, Computers, Projectors, Televisions, Etc.) If you need assistance with adjusting any room technology, reach out to Jordan Meyeseick.
  13. Flyers, Posters, or any Signage that you post around the CFS building, MUST be removed after completion of event.
  14. If you would like to film at a CCA facility outside of CFS (i.e. Lowry West Quad or CentreTech), Please contact Jim Tharp. He will coordinate the appropriate permission needed to facilitate your request. Please give Jim a minimum of 96 business hours notice. **Do NOT attempt to film on CCA campus without prior approval! Failure to adhere could result in fines and/or suspension of equipment privileges.


Labs and Post Production

  1. There are four computer labs and two edit bays at the Colorado Film School: Open Lab in room 152, Classroom Labs 134, 135, 136, and the Edit Bays in rooms 143 & 144.
  2. The Classroom Labs 134, 135, and 136, are just that… Classrooms. If there is a class in session, don’t expect to be able to work in that room.
  3. If you need a camera to capture video or require almost any kind of equipment you must use FS Greenlight for the production management and approval of your project.  You are required to learn and use the system, so plan ahead, and stay in communication with your instructor regarding: their class specific requirements, and approval timeframe for projects/assignments. Inform Aaron K. and your instructor of any issues you are having with the workflow.
  4. Students should purchase their own external USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt Hard Drive for secure and portable storage of their work. Talk with Jordan or a Lab Tech if you have questions on what kind of external drive to purchase.
  5. Post Production students will have access to the EditShare Central Server.
  6. Computer hard drives & EditShare are WIPED OUT after the last day of the semester. Ensure your media is saved to an exterior device prior to this date. DO NOT EXPECT YOUR WORK TO BE ON THE COMPUTER AFTER THE LAST DAY OF CLASS.
  7. While there is a public disk drive labeled ‘CFS Public’, Do NOT expect any files to be there the next time you sit down to your computer! This disk drive WILL BE CLEARED as space is needed.
  8. Food/Drink is not allowed in the computer labs. Food/Drink is NEVER allowed in the equipment bays.
  9. If you are unsure about plugging/unplugging Thunderbolt / USB / or Other Devices from the computer, please seek out a Lab Tech or Jordan Meyersieck for clarification. Do NOT under any circumstances plug or unplug the cables from the REAR of the computers. You MAY plug your USB device into the slots on the back of the iMac computers.
  10. Trouble with computers capturing can easily be diagnosed by Jordan, Please seek him out if you are having trouble RATHER than fix the problem yourself.
  11. Should you have any Questions, or Concerns about lab rules, please contact Jordan Meyersieck at



All prop weapons must be pre-approved by the Director of the school, Brian Steward, in order for a student to be permitted to shoot with a prop weapon. Students must email at least 72 hours in advance to schedule a time to have their prop weapon reviewed and discuss safety precautions. The weapon must be examined physically at the meeting. A description of the prop is not acceptable.

Prop weapon approval meetings can take 20-30 minutes and involve more than just viewing the prop. The director sits down with the student(s), listens to their filming plans and asks questions. They talk about chain of custody, notifying any potential stakeholders, and holding safety meetings. These meetings are intended to make sure students understand the importance of pre-production and safety precautions.

If students approach Brian mere hours before they are scheduled to shoot, this leaves them no time to make revisions to their safety plans should they be needed and puts Brian in the position of denying them shoot approval.


  1. CFS does not want your props, production design materials or any items leftover from any shoot without explicit written permission from Brian, Jordan or Jim.  It is your responsibility to properly dispose of any leftover production materials from your shoot.
  2. Materials may be temporarily stored with consultation and written approval from Brian, Jordan, or Jim.  Donations may be accepted at the end of a shoot with written approval from Brian, Jordan or Jim but in general they will not be accepted.
  3. Written approval takes the form of an email describing what is to be stored or donated between the student and approver with Brian, Jordan and Jim copied in on the communication.
  4. Failure to dispose of non-CFS production assets will result in fines of $50 per item that must be removed +  $25/hr for required cleanup, with a $25 minimum charge.


By law, no one is allowed to smoke within 20 feet of the CFS building or any other campus buildings. If you are going to smoke in front (south side), the far sidewalk is the closest location. If you are going to smoke in back (north side) the yellow traffic barriers are the closest location.

Vaping is not allowed anywhere inside any of the CFS buildings.

If you come to class smelling strongly of smoke, vape, or pot, your instructors and classmates have the right to ask you to leave.


Some students are reactive / allergic to strong scents. Please do not wear any strong perfumes, oils, etc. to class. If you do, your instructors and classmates have the right to ask you to leave.

This rule also applies to personal hygiene.


Do not leave your personal belongings unattended anywhere inside the building, especially in public spaces like the lobby. CFS is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Be aware that bags and laptops have been stolen from inside the building.

The same rule applies to your vehicles.


Do not leave your pets unattended in your car, ever. If you leave a pet inside your car, Security will be called, then the Denver police, then Animal Control. If you cannot be located to open the vehicle, it is legally permissible for the police or Animal Control to gain entry to your vehicle by any means necessary, including smashing door windows.

Pets other than Certified Service Animals are not allowed inside CFS. If you are going to bring your Service Animal, please notify staff and instructors in advance.


The CFS Café is for student use, including the microwave and refrigerator in that room. Please be aware this is a shared space.  Clean up after yourself.

Bring your own utensils, plates, hot sauce, etc.

The Fridge in the CFS Café is for everyone. Take care of it. Mark your items with your name. It will be emptied every Friday and any Tupperware will be set out on the counter.


Arrive 15-20 minutes EARLY to all appointments, rehearsals, shoots, classes, etc.  Early is on time.  On time is late.  Late is unacceptable.


Low-dollar items can be stored on the shelf inside the atrium between the studio and the main building. If it’s a high-dollar item or something important like an external drive, flash drive, or laptop etc, send to the Cage. Cage may send expensive lost items to Lowry Security. Not sure? Go to the CAGE. (303) 340-7325


Read fliers in the building, look at the TV Slides, read emails from CFS Staff (your instructors, Brian Steward, Jim Tharp, Jordan Meyersieck, Aaron Koehler, Haley Heer, Jennifer Scott). Something may apply to YOU. You have a responsibility to stay informed.


See something, sense something, say something, do something. C.A.R.E. Report is accessible on MyCCA, and FS Greenlight.


There is no need to suffer in silence. CCA offers free counseling to all students and staff. See your class syllabus for more details.

THANK YOU for being part of the CFS community of filmmakers.

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