Consent & Release

Colorado film school reserves the following rights regarding student work:


Student Showing

All student work made with the CFS equipment and/or facilities MUST be submitted to the Student Show. The faculty will select the top projects for exhibition. Attendance at the screening is mandatory. All student work must be submitted and uploaded through Ensemble in order to get a grade.

Student Work – Implied Consent

All projects made with CFS equipment may be included, without additional permission of the filmmaker, cast, or crew, in promotional videos and DVD’s about the program, marketed in a “Best of CFS” collection, broadcast on Channel 54 — Community College of Aurora’s TV channel — and/or streamed on the web or distributed through disc, digital file, or broadcast/theatrical outlets. By using CFS facilities and equipment you are giving an implied consent to Colorado Film School, CCA and its affiliates permission to use your film in these ways. Nonetheless CFS gives students one (1) year to exploit their films in festivals and other venues before putting selected work on our YouTube & Vimeo channels. Students should maintain contact with CFS after graduation in the event that published work brings jobs and contract offers.

Student Image/Likeness

Students attending classes at CFS or on shoots for CFS projects may have their likeness captured on film or video and have their image distributed in CFS promotional brochures, videos, films, DVD’s, and on the world wide web. By participating in CFS classes and/or events and productions, you are giving your implied consent for unrestricted use of image/likeness in school news, promotions, web feeds, and promotional materials including but not limited to web, broadcast, and theatrical outlets.

Questions / Comments / Concerns?

Any problems, praises, complaints, questions, or suggestions about any policy, the equipment in general, Lab Tech issues, faculty performance or your courses and requirements, should be addressed to the CFS Program Director:

Brian Steward   303-340-7206


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