• The CAGE is available to current students during regular building hours.
  • Instant Orders are available during CAGE hours as appropriate* & limited to same-day rental/return. * Instant Orders are primarily intended for supplemental accessories such as headphones, card-readers, MacBooks, and cables– Instant Orders are NOT intended for production/assignment orders. Your instructor MUST APPROVE every shoot that you complete for class including pickups.  
  • Instant Orders are subject to approval and may be cancelled by Aaron.
  • There is NO equipment Check-In or Check-Out on the weekends.
  • NO Students are allowed inside the CAGE. Unless you’re a Lab Tech, Stay Behind the Red Line. – Please do not enter the CAGE this semester. Knock on the bay doors at the back if you have an appointment or call the number listed on the door.
  • Budgets are STRICTLY ENFORCED! Lab Techs will verify that you are not over budget at the time of Check-Out. To ensure a positive budget, some items may need to be replaced or removed before you are able to Sign-Out.


All equipment reservations must be submitted through

  1. For ALL equipment requiring certification, including Production 1 projects, the certified operator must be present at the time of Check-Out to inspect and test equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS!  If the certified operator is not present, labtechs will exchange equipment on your order that does not require certification (if available).
  2. If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment, you will not be able to check it out. Lab Techs reserve the right to ask you to demonstrate your knowledge and can withhold any equipment as necessary. Please schedule time with Aaron Koehler or a Lab Tech if you wish to gain further training on equipment approved for your class.  If you are unable to satisfactorily demonstrate equipment knowledge, you WILL BE DENIED the equipment until such time as you are qualified.  Placement in various production level classes DOES NOT guarantee that equipment will be checked out to you. Equipment Certifications are monitored.
  3. Checking & Loading OUT an order from the CAGE takes time! Larger orders can take two or more hours to properly check, so schedule appropriately. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY ITEM ON YOUR ORDER. It is the student’s responsibility to be thorough when inspecting their order. Students should make sure that all components are: Present, Functioning, and in Good Condition.  Bar codes on your equipment should match those listed on the inventory printout.  Any issues including missing or broken components should be brought to a Lab Techs attention BEFORE signing out for the order.
  4. All equipment is inventoried in FS Greenlight and is specifically assigned to your order. Please verify what equipment has been checked out to you BEFORE you leave. Once your rental has started, what’s in the computer is what you are responsible for and if it doesn’t come back then YOU will be replacing it. Always request a printout of the equipment that FS Greenlight says you’ve checked out.  If there are any discrepancies, be sure to have a Lab Tech fix it BEFORE you sign.
  5. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL EQUIPMENT CHECKED OUT TO YOU. You must take the time to inspect all of the equipment and make sure it’s functioning properly.  If it is not, a Lab Tech will attempt to fix or swap the item. If item cannot be fixed or swapped, request the Lab Tech to make a note on the order, detailing the issue(s). If you do not note something that is wrong, you will be charged for it upon Check In.
  6. Parking in the driveway behind the bays is acceptable if you are LOADING or UNLOADING equipment into the bays or studio. DO NOT leave your car parked in the driveway after you are done loading/unloading; This is a high traffic area, please be respectful of other students needing to load/unload gear.  Parking in the Red Fire Lane, on the Dirt/Grass, or in front of the Dumpster is not allowed. Lowry Security reserves the right to TICKET your vehicle. Repeat offenders will be TOWED.
  7. Please allow plenty of time for your order to be Checked Back In. Communicate with the lab manager about your check in and any issues you had with equipment on your shoot.  It is in your best interest to remain with your equipment until your check-in is complete.  When Lab Techs have issues with how your gear was packed or cleaned, and you are present during check in, they will give you the chance to clean, repack and fix problematic items.  If you are not present, you will be charged $5 for every item that requires cleaning or was returned to the wrong case.  Never drop off equipment without communicating to the Lab Manager.  You will be held Responsible for equipment checked out UNTIL a Lab Tech has checked the equipment back in to FS Greenlight.
  8. Check In may take up to Two Hours. This is due to the fact that we want to be as thorough as possible while checking the equipment to keep it in good working condition. Please Schedule your return-time with this in mind.
  9. You must pick up and drop off equipment ON TIME & in GOOD CONDITION. If something is holding you up, call the CAGE and let a Lab Tech know what’s going on. If you don’t show up or call within 30 minutes of your reservation, the CAGE reserves the right to release your equipment to other students. There is a limited amount of equipment and a great demand for it. If you fail to be on time and do not notify the CAGE, your budget in FS Greenlight will still be charged and you may lose shooting privileges, this could have a very negative impact on you finishing your class. DO NOT BE LATE!
  10. Not showing up for your equipment reservation is a big deal! Two violations will result in loss of All Equipment Check Out Privileges.
  11. IF YOU ARE LATE FOR CHECK IN, YOU WILL BE FINED (see Fine Schedule below).
  12. You must charge your batteries before returning them to the CAGE. Uncharged Batteries will result in a Fine (see Fine Schedule below).
  13. Ensure you are given an ‘Expanded Equipment List’ at Check Out. You will use this to verify items during your Check Out. You will also use the Equipment list to verify and accurately repack your order before your return.  Items returned in the Wrong Case will result in a Fine.
  14. It is the responsibility of every student to maintain current, personal contact information on FS Greenlight (phone and email). If the CAGE is unable to contact you, your order may be cancelled and reservation privileges revoked.  If you are uncertain about the accuracy of your contact information listed on FS Greenlight check with a Lab Tech Manager.
  15. YOU MUST GET PERMISSION BEFORE YOU SHOOT! Shooting on location requires permits. Failure to obtain the proper permits could result in arrest.
  16. YOU MUST RECEIVE SHOOT APPROVAL FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR! Depending on your assignment, or project, the pre-production elements that you will be required to submit, will vary and can be quite extensive.  Be sure to complete these well BEFORE your scheduled reservation and communicate with your instructor about SHOOT APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS. Equipment will NOT be released to students that do not have shoot approval.
  17. You must be enrolled in a production course to have access to production equipment. Please see Aaron Koehler if you are in need of an exception.
  18. There is a hierarchy for upper level equipment based on the production class to which that equipment is assigned.  After that hierarchy, equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis.  Conflicts and problems can almost always be resolved with proper timely communication, so if you have an issue with equipment availability or reservation concerns bring your situation to Aaron as soon as you can articulate it.
  19. The CAGE bays are a Shared Space, please be respectful and courteous of this fact. When checking out your order, please do NOT spread your kit all over the bays. Keep it consolidated to your designated area. Lab Techs are usually building more orders and/or checking in gear in the other bays throughout the day.  BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL TO NOT TAKE EQUIPMENT FROM OTHER ORDERS.  SLOPPY AND CARELESS PICKUP ETIQUETTE WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF EQUIPMENT PRIVILEGES.  PROJECT OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF THEIR TEAM.
  20. You may ADD/DELETE any items on your order up to 12 HOURS BEFORE pickup. After that, your order is locked and your budget will be charged for the items on your order. Budgets will be charged whether or not you leave items at the CAGE or take them with you. Last minute addition of small items during pickup may occur if an item is Available AND your Project Budget has enough to cover the added cost. Please confirm the status of your order well before this deadline and consult with the Lab Tech Team if you have any questions or additional needs.  It is a good idea to check on the status of your order a day before your pickup and to request that labtechs check and charge batteries etc if you plan to shoot immediately upon check-out.
  21. You may check out and inspect equipment with a Lab Tech to familiarize yourself with it, or you may schedule training on a specific piece of equipment. Aaron Koehler & the Lab Techs encourage you to check gear out for a couple of hours, if it is available, to test and familiarize yourself with our production resources.
  22. Equipment reservation is for CURRENT PROJECTS ONLY. If you are caught reserving equipment for a project that is finished or if you are using a project that has previously recieved shoot approval to reserve equipment for a different project, you may LOSE ALL FUTURE RESERVATION PRIVILEGES.
  23. To ADD equipment not available on your template:
    1. Talk to Aaron Koehler to get permission for item use. He will make a note on your order as approval.
    2. Go to the CAGE and have a Lab Tech manually add the item to your order. This must be done at least 12 HOURS BEFORE your check out time.
    3. Comments? Questions? Concerns? Send an email with your name and S# to
  24. Students are NOT allowed to check out equipment for Non-School Shoots. If you have a project outside of class, use a local rental house to rent your equipment (links are provided below).  Limited Rental of equipment based on project details will be considered only after a written equipment rental/use pitch has been submitted to Aaron Koehler via email.  This should include details about the project, the identification and qualifications of key department heads, the exact production items requested as well as proposed times for pick up and return of the order.  Once all of this is in order, our team will evaluate the merits of the project and if it is something CFS wants to support or not.  Rentals for projects not tied to CFS classes are never guaranteed, but those that take place outside of semesters with production classes are more likely to be accepted than those that occur while school is in session.



Fine Schedule

Missing Tripod Screw

Returning Generator with gas left in (ask for siphon and gas container upon return)

Disposing of Gasoline Improperly




Returning Equipment/Components in wrong case(s)

Failure to Sign for order upon Check-Out

Failure to Show for a Equipment Reservation

Late Equipment Return

Returning uncharged batteries

$5 /item



$5 /Half Hour

$5 /Battery

Mishandling of Power or Circuit Boxes / Connections

Food/Beverage in Computer Labs / Equipment Bays

Rewiring connections on Computers

Smoking in Non-Designated areas






Failure to Clean-Up after reservation

Failure to remove ALL production design materials

$25 /hr, $25 minimum

$25 /hr cleanup, $25 minimum

Broken Furniture or Set Fixtures

Cost of Replacement

Chipped Paint / Physical Room Damage

Failure to Show-Up to Reservation

Setting off Fire Alarm

Cost of Repair / Replacement



*Work to be completed by approved vendor of CCA’s choosing

If your situation is not listed above under generic fines, Aaron Koehler and/or Brian Steward will decide the fine on a case-by-case basis. Broken or Lost equipment will be determined by the cost to fix/replace the broken item.

If a student is fined, a Lab Tech will lock the student’s account, and email a Fine Form to the student as well as Aaron Koehler.  The student must follow up with Aaron to resolve the situation and unlock their FS Greenlight account. Students have two weeks from the date that a fine is issued to resolve the issue with Aaron.  If the issue has not been resolved a hold will be placed on the student’s CCA account, registration will be blocked and transcript requests will be denied.  Once a hold has been placed on a student’s CCA account, fines must be settled with the cashier at Centre Tech.

Be advised, Broken / Damaged / & Lost equipment takes approximately five to six weeks to either be repaired or replaced.

Please treat the equipment with respect. If you break it, you not only hinder your production, but all the other students’ as well.


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